Independence Village, Maryland

Project Background

The Independence Village project was adopted in May 2018. Located in Charlotte Hall, Maryland, this CECorps project is EWB-NOVA’s second domestic project. The community is comprised of 24 homes that operate on their own water well system. Since installing the well in 1973, there have been multiple repairs and the pump has been lowered twice. The community has been maintaining this independent system and have been working with the SERCAP organization for improving the water distribution with CECorps. Since adopting the project in May of 2018, our team has been talking with the community and completing preliminary research on the project. In July of 2018, we met with the Independence Village Community for the first site visit. From this visit, we were able to collect enough information to submit our Project Work Plan (543), which received approval in August of 2018.

Project Timeline
May 2018: Application to adopt project (542) submitted and approved.

July 2018: Site visit to meet with community and Project Work Plan (543) submitted.

August 2018: Project Work Plan (543) approved.

September 2018: Community Survey sent to community.

Next Steps 

September-October 2018: Planning second site visit.

November 2018: Status Report to be submitted.

December 2018-February 2019: Draft engineering report for CECorps review.

March 2019: Submit draft engineering report to community.

April 2019: Meet with community to discuss engineering report.

May 2019: Submit final engineering report to CECorps for approval.

June 2019: Submit final engineering report to community for future work.

Project Lead – Kat Schmotzer  |  Technical Leads – Sara Schmieg & Christa Lash  |  Responsible Engineer – Bernie Krantz, PE

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