The Northern Virginia Professional Chapter of EWB-USA is a group of professionals dedicated to helping communities around the world achieve a better quality of life through sustainable development and community empowerment. EWB-NOVA was founded in 2014 and includes professionals from the Northern Virginia-Washington DC Metro area.

Today, EWB-NOVA has dozens of active members and attracts over a hundred professionals and students who are interested in supporting our cause. Together, we are making significant progress in assisting the people of El Sauce, Honduras and Cedar Gulch, South Dakota.

EWB-USA partners with developing communities worldwide and continues to improve the lives of people around the world through basic infrastructure projects such as finding solutions to clean drinking water and proper sanitation. EWB-USA includes over 15900 volunteers who empower communities to meet these basic human needs.


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See our team’s video of their implementation trip this past July!

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  1. Hello! I am a Licensed Surveyor in VA and DC and wondered if and how I could go about joining EWB NOVA? Thank you in advance for your time. Tim


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