Welcome to EWB Northern Virginia Chapter!!!

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Current Activities


The Northern Virginia Professional Chapter of EWB-USA is a group of professionals dedicated to helping communities around the world achieve a better quality of life through sustainable development and community empowerment. EWB-NOVA was founded in 2014 and includes professionals from the Northern Virginia-Washington DC Metro area. Today, EWB-NOVA attracts over a hundred professionals and students nationwide who are interested in the global cause. Together, we are making significant progress in assisting the people of El Sauce, Honduras and Cedar Gulch, South Dakota. EWB-USA partners with developing communities worldwide and continues to improve the lives of people around the world through basic infrastructure projects such as finding solutions to clean drinking water and proper sanitation. EWB-USA includes over 15,900 volunteers who empower communities to meet these basic human needs.

Chapter Contacts

President Tessa Roscoe

Vice President Janet Bruins

Treasurer Natasha Kroemer

Secretary Kat Schmotzer

Honduras Project Lead Tarandeep Woo

Maryland Project Lead Kat Schmotzer

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DOMESTIC PROJECT in Independence Village, Maryland

Gambling has never been so exciting as with spiele kostenlos ohne anmeldung. Just in a few minutes and in a few clicks and you are already there, in the world of easy money and fun! Project Background The Independence Village project was adopted in May 2018. Located in Charlotte Hall, Maryland, this CECorps project is EWB-NOVAs second domestic project. The community is comprised of 24 homes that operate on their own water well system. Since installing the well in 1973, there have been multiple repairs and the pump has been lowered twice. The community has been maintaining this independent system and have been working with the SERCAP organization for improving the water distribution with CECorps. Since adopting the project in May of 2018, our team has been talking with the community and completing preliminary research on the project. In July of 2018, we met with the Independence Village Community for the first site visit. From this visit, we were able to collect enough information to submit our Project Work Plan (543), which received approval in August of 2018.

Project timeline
May 2018: Application to adopt project (542) submitted and approved.

July 2018: Site visit to meet with community and Project Work Plan (543) submitted.

August 2018: Project Work Plan (543) approved.

September 2018: Community Survey sent to community.

Next steps

September-October 2018: Planning second site visit.

November 2018: Status Report to be submitted.

December 2018-February 2019: Draft engineering report for CECorps review.

March 2019: Submit draft engineering report to community.

April 2019: Meet with community to discuss engineering report.

May 2019: Submit final engineering report to CECorps for approval.

June 2019: Submit final engineering report to community for future work.

Project Lead Kat Schmotzer |Technical Leads Sara Schmieg & Christa Lash|Responsible Engineer Bernie Krantz, PE

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Project Background The people of El Sauce, Honduras lack access to clean drinking water and the 500 residents are impacted by waterborne diseases with water supply, maintenance and contamination issues. Project objectives include providing the community access to clean drinking water, public health education and addressing water supply challenges. The EWB-NOVA project team conducted the first assessment trip in November 2015 to meet the community, evaluate the water system and assess steps for a comprehensive evaluation. Based on the results of the assessment and the priorities of the community, the team plans to implement three projects to address increasing the supply of clean water by digging a well, distributing the water throughout the community, and treating the water. The team traveled for their first implementation trip in July 2017 and successfully completed drilling a well for the community. Due to security concerns, the State department and ISOS (EWB travel insurance provider) have suspended travel to Honduras. The project team is developing a plan to remotely implement the next phase of the project connect the well to the distribution system. We are searching for in-country contractors and vendors to support our efforts.

Project timeline
April 2015: Chapter acquired project (502).
August 2015: Pre-Assessment Report (521) submitted and approved.
November 2015: Awarded $3,000 Grant; Teams first Assessment trip to Honduras.
January 2016: Assessment trip report (522) submitted and approved.

July 2016: Alternatives Analysis (523) submitted and approved.

February 2017: Implementation Pre-Trip Plan #1 (525) submitted and approved.

July 2017: Teams first Implementation trip to Honduras and successful completion of a drilled well.

October 2017: Implementation Post-Trip Report #1 (526) submitted and approved.

Spring 2018: Developing Design portion of Implementation Pre-Trip Plan #2 (525B).

Project Lead (acting) and Responsible Engineer Tarandeep Woo, PE; Currently requesting applications for Project Lead!

Next steps Submit Design portion of Implementation Pre-Trip Plan #2; identify in-country vendors and contractors.

See a video of one of our Implementation Trips from July!


  1. When do you meet?
  2. EWB-NOVA General Body Meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month at 7 pm EST. We meet at Virginia Techs Northern Virginia Campus (7054 Haycock Road, Falls Church VA). It is 0.1 miles from the West Falls Church Metro.

  1. What if I cannot attend meetings at the scheduled time?
  2. Please email our chapter and let us know that you are interested in getting involved. A representative from our chapter will contact you to discuss the best way for you to contribute. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find out about our other events and fundraisers.

  1. I am not a member, can I attend the meetings?
  2. Of course! We welcome all to our meetings and support our projects

  1. I am not an engineer. Can I still join?
  2. Yes, absolutely! We are always looking for professionals with diverse expertise in things like event planning, website design, project management, community and college outreach, grant writing, translation services (especially Spanish translation), and much more!

  1. Do you collaborate with student chapters?
  2. Yes, we serve as mentors to the student chapters at South Dakota State University and James Madison University.

  1. Do you accept donations?
  2. Yes, you can donate online at any time through Classy.org/ewbnova.